centerpiece 2
    centerpiece detail with white chocolate dessert designed to match
    in the studio at Parsons developing a vocabulary of folded book ideas
    Reception Room, WHGA
    our clients in the Reception Room, WHGA
    Mailroom waiting area, WHGA
    Reception room install, object palette, WHGA
    Mail room, two-color object palettes, WHGA
    Mailroom waiting area, WHGA
    students installing object memory palettes, WHGA
    backdrop detail
    backdrop detail 2
    center piece parts
    backdrop large
    exhibit 1
    lunch with teenagers
    Wasara paper dishes
    paper cones of truffle flavored popcorn
    LED Lights in Snapple bottles
    students and faculty sit at custom made tables
    LED lights hung from ceiling
    chef Ashton Keefe creates a black and white meal
    food presentation, plywood trays
    plates made from fallen palm leaves
    black and white dinner- delicious bean soup
    bass player during cocktails
    flowers with strings
    eating local, vegetarian food on recycled cardboard tables
    spoons and bowls
    ultrasuede leaf placemats
    tape diagram on glass wall, cherry blossoms line tables
    the students were lovely
    tape diagram on glass wall
    cranberry bog in Rockefeller Center
    Aftertaste 2010
    Martha arrives
    dessert- lemon and orange sorbets
    the wooden table is set for 40
    cherry blossom branches held up by cardboard fabric tubes
    peeking through the painted curtain into the dining room
    looking into the dining room- cut tape on glass walls reference the tables